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Plant Information.

Lett's Ornamentals Grasses & Nursery

Planting Tips

Location, location, location!
- Most ornamental grasses do best in a sunny location with well-drained, humus-rich soil; however, some grasses can tolerate light shade and wetter soils.
- It is advisable to follow the recommendations for your specific grass selection

Plan for the future!
- It is very important to plant your grass where it will have room to grow. Spacing depends on the intended purpose for the grass. A general rule would be to plant larger grasses (those over 4' tall) 4 to 6 feet apart and smaller grasses (under 4' tall) 2 to 3 feet apart, depending on the species. If planted too closely, the effect of the individual plant is lost and the plants are weakened by too much root competition.

Planting Suggestions

  1. Using the pot as a guide, dig the planting hole 2" deeper and 2" larger in diameter than the container.
  2. In the bottom of the hole, place 2" of organic fertilizer (composted cow manure is excellent for these grasses).
  3. Loosen the grass plant by rolling the pot on the ground and tapping firmly with the palm of your hand.
  4. Tip the container and gently pull the plant free of the pot.
  5. If there are roots encircling the container, use a sharp knife and slice through the roots at three or four evenly spaced intervals to encourage new root growth. (If the root ball appears evenly distributed, there is no reason to break it apart).
  6. Place the plant into the ground at the level it was growing in the container.
  7. Mix peat and/or composted cow manure with the dirt removed from the hole and use that loose soil mixture to fill in around the plant - tamping the soil down firmly to remove all air spaces.
  8. Make a berm (or a saucer) around the plant with the extra soil to assist in watering.
  9. Water slowly, but thoroughly, until water stands around the plant for 2-3 minutes without being absorbed.
  10. Fill in any "air pockets" that may appear with the extra soil and firmly tamp it down.
  11. After watering, a 4" - 6" mulch (cypress is recommended) around the grass will do wonders to hold moisture, eliminate weeds and keep the soil temperature steady.

Shipping Information

We are a cash and carry nursery operation.